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Technological Hygiene

Technological Hygiene

A   w i s e    g u i d e    t o    c o n n e c t i o n    i n    t h e    d i g i t a l    a g e.
​How in control are you of your smartphone use, really? Be honest. Do you ever find yourself on your phone and forget why you even picked it up in the first place? Do you feel the urge to look at it every time you’re bored or have a moment to spare? I hate to say it, but I know I do. So why is it that we’ve become so dependent on our phones? And more importantly, what is it doing to us: emotionally, physically, socially, and neurologically? The guide explores just how we got where we are today and how we can begin to find our way back to a healthy relationship with these small but powerful tools. Ultimately this is a roadmap, to show you the way back to using your phone rather than allowing it to use you.